A very simple and useful product

“… Have you ever forgotten your laptop was plugged in and started to walk away with it? That’s a stupid question really, because everyone who has a laptop has done it at least once. Today I’ve got the JerkStopper Cable Retention Device for review, it’s a very simple and useful product that will protect the AC Adapter on your laptop from possible damage when accidentally pulling or tugging on it.

The JerkStopper works by utilizing a free USB, RJ11 or RJ45 port, it’s two pieces that clip together to lock your AC adapter cable in place, so if you do accidentally move your laptop while it’s still plugged in the force of the action is taken by the JerkStopper instead of your adapter’s plug. What’s nice it that you can use it for other cables as well like phone, USB or ethernet”

fromĀ Dragon Steel Mods