The JerkStopper is a simple solution

“…The JerkStopper is a simple solution for a problem that should not even exist. The goal of the JerkStopper is to limit the damage to power plugs in notebook computers. I have seen many notebook computers with power plug damage due to someone tripping over a power cord and ripping the outlet from the computer. Most of the time the damage is extensive because manufacturers generally directly solder the plug to the computer main board.”

from Small Business Tech

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Jerkstopper prevents AC connector damage

“…The weakest link in the hardware chain bringing charge to your laptop is usually the power cord input – anyone who has ever damaged the connection and been left with spontaneous power-downs, or with a cord that only functions on a specific angle, will be familiar with this problem. This simple and affordable Cable Retention Device (CRD) from Jerkstopper is aimed at protecting this weak spot by providing an extra stay and reducing the likelihood of accidental – and expensive – bumps to the power cord.”


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