Keep Your Cables Managed, Secured, and Protected On Your Next Shoot

Keep Your Cables Managed, Secured, and Protected On Your Next Shoot

Cables tangled on the floor. Cords strung all over the studio. It’s a mess, looks unprofessional and is a safety hazard. Thankfully we have a few cable management tools to keep you organized.


Keep Your Cables Managed With ProTab Cable Ties


managedWhether routing one cable or a dozen, take advantage of coiling and grouping whenever you can to keep them tidy, out of the way and secure at all times. With JerkStopper ProTab Cable Ties, you can coil and secure cables, or use the tie to keep cables in one line from ports to ports.

These cable ties are also good for storing cables because the ties prevent them from becoming tangled. This works much better than tape, which can leave a sticky residue. And don’t forget – these come in a pack of 10, so you should have plenty for the job.


Secure Your Gear and Route Cables with a StrapMoore


securedEver wish a tripod had arms so it could hold more than just a camera? Now it can. The StrapMoore is one of our most versatile products, holding laptop power bricks, speedlights, and much more! It can also be a great tool at securing your cables to your tripod, keeping them routed towards the floor and in your desired direction.

The two leg securing straps are adjustable and can be attached to any pole or beam as small as ¼” (0.362 cm) and as large as 3” (7.62cm) in diameter. The object holding strap is adjustable as well and can accommodate any item as small as ¼” (0.362cm) and as large as 3.5” (8.9cm) in diameter. To secure items larger than 3”, the StrapMoore Extender is available. The Extender can hold objects up to 5.5”.


Protect Your Cable Ends with the JerkStopper Extension Lock


protectThe JerkStopper Extension Lock is an effective locking device for cables and cords that keeps your cable ends protected from frustrating disconnects, damage, and electrical hazards. The simple clam-shell design enables you to simply close the JerkStopper Extension Lock around each end of the cable or cord, and then twist to lock the cords securely and safely together.

The patented JerkStopper Extension Lock protects the sensitive electronic cable ends and stops unwanted disconnects for USB extension cables, HDMI cables with couplers, and protects power cords for lighting and tools.


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JerkStopper Cable Tape

JerkStopper Cable Tape

cable tape

Cable tape or Gaffers Tape, resembles duct tape and like duct tape is nearly unlimited in usefulness. It adheres strongly to surfaces and like duct tape it is also waterproof. Unlike duct tape, cable tape leaves behind no sticky residue and because it’s a cloth based tape it tears easily giving you clean edges.

From taping down wires in a studio to keeping interns quiet, there’s hundreds of ways photographers can use cable tape on set or out in the field, here’s 11 more:

  1. Propping up a product
  2. Securing filters in place on a lens that doesn’t have a matching thread
  3. Taping down cloth backgrounds in place
  4. Joining two sheets of foam-core together to create V flats
  5. Lint remover
  6. Hold cue cards in place
  7. Place markers on the floor using high-visibility orange cable tape
  8. Light proofing a room by putting cable tape around the door
  9. Cover models’ shoes so backgrounds stay clean
  10. Using gaffers tape to label gear, and then writing on the tape
  11. Secure cables to stands

TIP: An expired credit card or plastic hotel room key makes a wonderful spool to wind a couple yards of gaffer’s tape onto. It’s light and small so it’ll tuck away easily in your bag.

Photographers constantly use gaffers tape as a quick fix to get around nearly any obstacle they might run into due to the fact that it is tough, heat resistant, and leaves no residue. Tether Tools sells cable tape in High-Visibility Orange and Non-Reflective Black, pick up a roll – your future-self will thank you!

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JerkStopper Cable Ties

JerkStopper Cable Ties

jerkstopper-247There might be something more frustrating than tangled cables, but nothing comes to mind. JerkStopper Cable Ties to the rescue!

Designed for durability and convenience, JerkStopper Cable Ties keep your cables organized and well maintained increasing a cable’s lifespan and saving you valuable time trying to locate or untangle mismanaged cords.

The JerkStopper ProTab™ Cable Ties are reusable and have a guaranteed life span of 10,000 applications per tie.  Each package includes ten (10) cable ties.

The integrated ProTab attaches the JerkStopper Cable Tie to your cable so it stays on the cable and does not get misplaced or lost. If desired, the ProTab can be opened and the tie can easily be removed from the cable and reused at any time.

Available in four sizes ranging from Mini to Large, there is a JerkStopper Cable Tie available to help manage every cable and cord!

The ProTab Cable Ties – Mini are ideal for small cables and cords such as phone and tablet charging cables, sync cables, earbud headphones and lavalier mics to name just a few.






The ProTab Cable Ties – Small ties are ideal for thin to medium gauge cables and cords such as A/C, USB, HDMI and music cables up to about 15ft.(4.6m) in length.





The ProTab Cable Ties – Medium are ideal for long, thin to medium gauge, cables and cords such as A/C, USB, HDMI and music cables up to about 50ft.(15.2m) in length.





The ProTab Cable Ties – Large are ideal for long, heavier gauge cables and cords such as A/C extension cords, XLR cables as well as garden hoses and tubing.


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The JerkStopper Catch

JS016-1js016cctp-jerkstopper-cable-catcher-3pk-06-webAll our devices need to charge these days. This means cables hanging off the back and sides of our desks and nothing is more frustrating than when they slide right off the top and you have to fish them out from behind. The solution to this problem, the JerkStopper Catch.

The Catch is an adjustable mount meaning it can fit cables up to 8.5mm. This is easily wide enough for your largest gadget cables. Simply slide your cable into the catch, and secure the two pieces together. If you secure them loosely, the cable can slide through and stop when it hits the end of the cable, keeping it from sliding through. If you secure the two pieces tightly, the cable won’t slide at all.

You can mount the JerkStopper Catch to your desk or surface using the provided velcro. Simply peel and stick one side to your desk and the other to the Catch. Alternatively, you can use a more permanent solution like super glue, hot glue or epoxy. You could also pick up some magnets from the hardware store and glue that to the Catch.

And because we all have more than one device, the JerkStopper Catch comes in a nice three pack. Pick yours up today.

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Prevent Laptop Power Cables from Disconnecting



Nothing can be more frustrating than having your laptop’s power cable become unplugged when you don’t want it to. In fact, if the battery is low and the cable pops out, you could loose valuable unsaved work if your computer shuts down. To prevent this, we’ve created the JerkStopper USB Port Cable Retention Device.

The USB Port Cable Retention Device plugins into an empty USB power port holding your power cable close to the laptop. When the cable gets pulled or jerked, the USB plug prevents the cable from releasing.

In order to do this, the JerkStopper USB connects to your power cable by clipping on to the cable. It can be removed at any time, but conveniently you don’t have to remove it to disconnect. Simply unplug the USB side and store on your power cable. The next time you setup, it’s there and ready to use.

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Preventing laptop power cables from accidentally being yanked out.

“…We can think of several functions we’d like a product called JerkStopper to perform, but we’ll happily settle for the real one: preventing laptop power cables from accidentally being yanked out. This nifty solution from Damage Control Products will be great for people who may inadvertantly have problems due to spasticity, running over cords with wheelchairs, or basic klutziness.”

from Access from Main Street

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Halt further infractions

Well thankfully, that someone has taken the law into their own hands, and is attempting to halt further infractions against your personage and / or computers.”

from Buzztracker

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A nice idea if you have a dodgy connection

“…The JerkStopper clamps a notebook power cable to another port (USB, ethernet or modem) in order to stop the power plug from jiggling. It’s a nice idea if you have a dodgy connection and find yourself twisting and turning a broken power cord just to let the juice flow through.”

from Wired Blog Network

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Someone knows your darkest fears

“…Someone knows your darkest fears, your deepest regrets, your most painful memories… and they know they’re all related to your power cord being yanked violently out of your laptop.”

from Engadget

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Can save you hundreds

“…This very basic, inexpensive tool, can save you hundreds. has tested this item under several conditions, and it has in fact proven itself to be effective at drastically reducing, and stopping potential dc jack damage. Its purpose is simply, added, extra support.  Its like a little hand holding onto the ac cable at all times. We give this product a Five Star rating.”

from Fix My Jack

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