What is a JerkStopper & How Does it Work?

JerkStoppers™ are technically Cable Retention Devices designed to keep cables connected to their ports and prevent damage.  Whether using a computer, audio, video, music or other cable, the biggest challenges are keeping the cable securely in the port, maintaining a solid connection and preventing damage to the device or cable, should the cable get jerked.

The original JerkStoppers were designed to keep power cables connected to a laptop, using an existing port (USB, RJ11 or RJ45) as an anchor point preventing the fragile AC power connector from being damaged due to day-to-day tugging and jerking on the power cord.  JerkStoppers worked so well keeping cords secured, inquiries began rolling in asking for assistance with all types of  cable retention, routing and management needs, hence the current line of JerkStopper cable management tools seen today.

JerkStopper Cable Retention Devices prevent you and others (kids, dogs, clients, customers, musicians, hooligans and villains of all types) from costly damages to electronics and cables.

Why Do I Need It?

The JerkStopper is designed to minimize damage, keep cables connected and save equipment from needing to be repaired or replaced.

The world is full of Jerks (as well as nice people like you) and it is inevitable someone will accidentally trip over a cable, roll a chair past your desk or knock into your laptop.  There are many places cables need to stay connected in tight, hard to reach places where JerkStoppers can do their job out of the spotlight, like on main-frames and internal machine connections.  If a damaged cable or port begins dropping connections or forces automatic shut downs, it is not only a hassle but a costly expense in terms of time wasted and troubleshooting.  JerkStoppers are versatile and inexpensive tools that potentially save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in preventative damage.

“But I’m careful…“  Yes, we all try to be careful but accidents happen.  One jerk can certainly damage a port instantly but also the cumulative effect and incremental damage from normal day-to-day use, pulling and jerking on the cables and ports, cause damage too.

JerkStopper to the Rescue! 



Installation Instructions


STEP 1 - Anchor the appropriate Part B into a spare computer port or per the specific JerkStopper model (i.e Clamp, Twist, Stretch, etc.).

STEP 2 - With the power, computer, music or video cable connected to the device, slide Part A over the cord or cable*.  Leaving some cable slack between the device connection and the JerkStopper, slide Part A onto Part B engaging the locking teeth.

STEP 3 - After aligning Part A and Part B, push Part A in the direction indicated to lock the cord or cable in place**.

*JerkStoppers support cable diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm.  For cables thinner than 3.5mm a small piece of gaffer or duct tape can be applied to the outer cable casing to prevent sliding.

**Typical installation prevents the cable from sliding once secured.  However, if using the JerkStopper as a cable catcher a looser fit may be desired.