Frequently Asked Questions

What is a JerkStopper™?

Have you ever had a cable or power cord suddenly dislodge from a computer or peripheral device?  Worse, has a cable ever accidentally been jerked out of your equipment and damaged the device, plug or cord?

JerkStoppers™ are cable retention devices designed to protect computers, cameras, audio equipment, musical instruments and other peripherals from costly damages and repairs.

JerkStoppers remove the stress and strain from the cable and device ensuring the plug stays in and protects it from damage.  JerkStoppers are a versatile and inexpensive tool that could potentially save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in preventative damage.

Will it fit my cable?

JerkStoppers will fit all cables between 3.5mm–8.5mm in diameter.  However, if using a thinner cable, simply wrap a small piece of gaffer or duct tape around the outer cable casing and then secure the JerkStopper.  Under normal use the cable should not slide when secured in the JerkStopper however if using it as a cable catcher a loose fit may be desired.

Will the Computer Supports fit my Laptop?

YES! JerkStoppers fit all laptop computers equipped with either a RJ11 (telephone jack), RJ45 (network jack) or USB Port.  Newer MacBooks (2013 and newer) with the slim USB ports may experience a tighter fit.

Can you make custom solutions?

Yes, we ofter custom designed devices and complete systems for cable retention and stress relief.  Services include management and routing for large IT service providers and individual customers alike.  If what you see at doesn’t meet your needs, please email or call us and we’ll put one of our Jerks to work on a solution just for you.