Jerkstopper…It’s a good idea

“…JERKSTOPPER … It’s a good idea. Check out this little item and see if this is something that you might need to save that laptop power connector from being damaged.  It’s a great idea!”

from Experience Mobility

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Power Cable Safety Net is a USB JerkStopper

“…Have you stumbled across your laptop power cord while it was lying on the floor, jerking your computer off the desk? I have, and although no damage was done to my laptop, it did loosen my power connector inside the computer. If you are one of those unlucky ones who did some damage, chances are you spent between $100 and $200 for getting the power connector fixed. Ouch.”


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A very simple and useful product

“… Have you ever forgotten your laptop was plugged in and started to walk away with it? That’s a stupid question really, because everyone who has a laptop has done it at least once. Today I’ve got the JerkStopper Cable Retention Device for review, it’s a very simple and useful product that will protect the AC Adapter on your laptop from possible damage when accidentally pulling or tugging on it.

The JerkStopper works by utilizing a free USB, RJ11 or RJ45 port, it’s two pieces that clip together to lock your AC adapter cable in place, so if you do accidentally move your laptop while it’s still plugged in the force of the action is taken by the JerkStopper instead of your adapter’s plug. What’s nice it that you can use it for other cables as well like phone, USB or ethernet”

from Dragon Steel Mods

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Jerkstopper…the genius of the product lies in its simplicity

“…the third product I tested were the JerkStoppers. These incredibly handy devices secure your cables to your computer and to your camera body. JerkStoppers come in all shapes and sizes for different cable types such as Ethernet, Firewire, and telephone, but the ones I used were for USB connections. Again, the genius of the product lies in its simplicity. JerkStoppers plug into an open USB port on the computer, while the other side has a plastic clamp that grabs the USB cable. If someone accidentally yanks on the cable, then the force is transferred to the frame of your computer, rather than the cable itself.”

from Out There Images, Inc.

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If you are worried about ripping the power cord

“…Field Tested: JerkStopper – Macbook users have the MagSafe adapters, PC notebook users have… the Jerkstopper . If you are worried about ripping the power cord violently from your notebook, thus damaging your notebook’s power plug and possibly more, the Jerkstopper is the right product for you.

Each order comes with three plugs — one each for USB, modem and network ports. Installation is easy — put the plug into the desired port, slide the end part to the side, align the cable with the plugged in part and push the end part back. Very easy, takes less than a minute.

Once installed, the device does exactly what it’s supposed to do — it keeps your power cable in place. We tried to jerk it off, but it was impossible to do. ”

from Photography Gadgets

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JerkStopper For Clumsy Folks

“….. No ladies – this JerkStopper is not a device that stops the human variety, but is actually a 2-part clip that snaps into an open port (be it USB, Ethernet or even RJ11), preventing your connector from snapping in half just in case you trip into a long wire that is connected to the said port. Considering the package costs $9.95 (comprises of USB, Ethernet and RJ11 clips), it is but a cheap investment compared to purchasing a whole new cable whenever it gets ripped off by accident. ”

from UberGizmo

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