Preventing laptop power cables from accidentally being yanked out.

“…We can think of several functions we’d like a product called JerkStopper to perform, but we’ll happily settle for the real one: preventing laptop power cables from accidentally being yanked out. This nifty solution from Damage Control Products will be great for people who may inadvertantly have problems due to spasticity, running over cords with wheelchairs, or basic klutziness.”

from Access from Main Street

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Halt further infractions

Well thankfully, that someone has taken the law into their own hands, and is attempting to halt further infractions against your personage and / or computers.”

from Buzztracker

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A nice idea if you have a dodgy connection

“…The JerkStopper clamps a notebook power cable to another port (USB, ethernet or modem) in order to stop the power plug from jiggling. It’s a nice idea if you have a dodgy connection and find yourself twisting and turning a broken power cord just to let the juice flow through.”

from Wired Blog Network

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Someone knows your darkest fears

“…Someone knows your darkest fears, your deepest regrets, your most painful memories… and they know they’re all related to your power cord being yanked violently out of your laptop.”

from Engadget

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Can save you hundreds

“…This very basic, inexpensive tool, can save you hundreds. has tested this item under several conditions, and it has in fact proven itself to be effective at drastically reducing, and stopping potential dc jack damage. Its purpose is simply, added, extra support.  Its like a little hand holding onto the ac cable at all times. We give this product a Five Star rating.”

from Fix My Jack

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Investment Saver

“…On the Daily Giz Whiz episode 507, Leo Laporte showcased the JerkStopper. It looks like a great way to keep the AC power connector from getting damaged because of tugging on the power chord. My wife and I had to throw away a laptop a few years ago because the power connector broke. Note: We tried everything!?! At the time the laptop was worth about a thousand dollars. The connector was worth less than fifty cents. We lost the expensive laptop because of a silly fifty cent piece of hardware. Grrr! I am definitely going to buy one of these JerkStoppers gizmos soon for our new laptops. Thanks Leo and Dick for a great suggestion. 78g.”

from PodCultureBlog

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