The JerkStopper Catch

JS016-1js016cctp-jerkstopper-cable-catcher-3pk-06-webAll our devices need to charge these days. This means cables hanging off the back and sides of our desks and nothing is more frustrating than when they slide right off the top and you have to fish them out from behind. The solution to this problem, the JerkStopper Catch.

The Catch is an adjustable mount meaning it can fit cables up to 8.5mm. This is easily wide enough for your largest gadget cables. Simply slide your cable into the catch, and secure the two pieces together. If you secure them loosely, the cable can slide through and stop when it hits the end of the cable, keeping it from sliding through. If you secure the two pieces tightly, the cable won’t slide at all.

You can mount the JerkStopper Catch to your desk or surface using the provided velcro. Simply peel and stick one side to your desk and the other to the Catch. Alternatively, you can use a more permanent solution like super glue, hot glue or epoxy. You could also pick up some magnets from the hardware store and glue that to the Catch.

And because we all have more than one device, the JerkStopper Catch comes in a nice three pack. Pick yours up today.