Prevent Laptop Power Cables from Disconnecting



Nothing can be more frustrating than having your laptop’s power cable become unplugged when you don’t want it to. In fact, if the battery is low and the cable pops out, you could loose valuable unsaved work if your computer shuts down. To prevent this, we’ve created the JerkStopper USB Port Cable Retention Device.

The USB Port Cable Retention Device plugins into an empty USB power port holding your power cable close to the laptop. When the cable gets pulled or jerked, the USB plug prevents the cable from releasing.

In order to do this, the JerkStopper USB connects to your power cable by clipping on to the cable. It can be removed at any time, but conveniently you don’t have to remove it to disconnect. Simply unplug the USB side and store on your power cable. The next time you setup, it’s there and ready to use.