JerkStopper Cable Tape

cable tape

Cable tape or Gaffers Tape, resembles duct tape and like duct tape is nearly unlimited in usefulness. It adheres strongly to surfaces and like duct tape it is also waterproof. Unlike duct tape, cable tape leaves behind no sticky residue and because it’s a cloth based tape it tears easily giving you clean edges.

From taping down wires in a studio to keeping interns quiet, there’s hundreds of ways photographers can use cable tape on set or out in the field, here’s 11 more:

  1. Propping up a product
  2. Securing filters in place on a lens that doesn’t have a matching thread
  3. Taping down cloth backgrounds in place
  4. Joining two sheets of foam-core together to create V flats
  5. Lint remover
  6. Hold cue cards in place
  7. Place markers on the floor using high-visibility orange cable tape
  8. Light proofing a room by putting cable tape around the door
  9. Cover models’ shoes so backgrounds stay clean
  10. Using gaffers tape to label gear, and then writing on the tape
  11. Secure cables to stands

TIP: An expired credit card or plastic hotel room key makes a wonderful spool to wind a couple yards of gaffer’s tape onto. It’s light and small so it’ll tuck away easily in your bag.

Photographers constantly use gaffers tape as a quick fix to get around nearly any obstacle they might run into due to the fact that it is tough, heat resistant, and leaves no residue. Tether Tools sells cable tape in High-Visibility Orange and Non-Reflective Black, pick up a roll – your future-self will thank you!