About Us

Our mission is simple: To get you to stop jerking your AC power cords and cables causing expensive damage to computers, peripheral devices, video + DSLR cameras as well as audio equipment + musical instruments.

We strive to provide the best products and customer support at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to our customers and all the products we design.

JerkStopper designs and manufactures the majority of our products in the United States and we truly enjoy meeting the needs of our customers. If you have questions, product needs or ideas, please give us a call or email customerservice@JerkStopper.com

Special Orders: We are happy to work with you on custom built devices and special orders. Please contact us at 480-685-4466 or by email at design@JerkStopper.com.

Patent: The JerkStopper is a patented design product.  (US Patent No. 7,537,477) JerkStopper™ Cable Retention Devices.  If you are interested in utilizing, licensing or developing items related to the patent, please contact us at: admin@JerkStopper.com